News: Cold weather set to continue throughout April.

12th April 2021

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Many of us were surprised yesterday and this morning by very cold wintry conditions with continued high pressure making snow, hail and sleet a common feature of the current forecast and temperatures set to remain at or slightly below average.
Today (April 12th) sees the next relaxation of lockdown rules with many people expected to return to work whilst non essential shops will reopen.
The new norm though has tended to indicate that many people will continue working from home and the need to maintain a warm home office remains important.
Though currently the days are pretty chilly, they are at least in many places sunny and dry, allowing us the opportunity to check our home heating oil tanks.
Spring and early summer agricultural activity has become evident in many areas and with that comes greater demand for the road and farm fuels that are also distributed by our suppliers, making them busy once again.
So, if you can check your tank or tank monitor and do need a top up or full tank, now would be a good time to do so.