News: Covid and weather update.

20th January 2021

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With a combination of bad weather, including flooding and heavy snowfall across many parts of the UK, and the ongoing situation with the Covid pandemic, it is probable that delivery times offered by some suppliers across the UK will extend. All suppliers are working with a reduced workforce and some areas now have several of their drivers self isolating.
In most places we have managed to keep delivery windows to 7 working days or less during the current winter, but there is a strong possibility that delivery times will slightly extend in some areas, particularly those affected worst by weather and or staff and driver shortages.
If you are likely to need oil in the near future, our best advice would be to order ahead of time in case these delays do come to bear in your area. We are hopeful that the situation and possibility of delays will improve but in our very uncertain world, it is increasingly hard to second guess or predict when that will be.
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