News: January - is The Beast set to return?

12th January 2021

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With many weather forecasters suggesting that we might be expecting ‘The Beast From The East 2’ - in the near future, now may be a very good time to check the level of your heating oil tank. With forecasts of heavy snow from the north of Scotland all the way through the Midlands, and possibly beyond, we are likely to see additional strain on heating oil distributors across the whole of the UK.

Even the Met Office ( ) are suggesting that we will experience temperatures below normal for the time of year with a high risk of snowfall and freezing conditions;

‘’Remaining unsettled with areas of rain and snow pushing east, snow will mostly be confined to the hills. Rather cold in east areas with unsettled conditions looking to transfer across from the Atlantic over the weekend, likely starting on Saturday but, if the system stalls, may occur later. This will bring spells of rain to many areas, these perhaps accompanied by strong winds at times, with drier and clearer interludes between them. The heaviest and most prolonged periods of rainfall are likely to affect the south and west, with the best of any drier conditions more likely in the north and east. Some snow is also likely at times in the north, especially over high ground. Temperatures are uncertain during this period although current indications are for temperatures to be below normal for the time of year, especially in the north’’.

With so many of us working from home and for those who are back to ‘home schooling’ their children, this is not a time to risk running out of home heating oil. Prices are still very reasonable for the time of year but as we always say, they are prone to change with very little warning.

If you need a full tank or just a 500 litre top up, it’s probably worth getting an order placed sooner rather than later.